Candidly Rose

By no means is the Twenty-Five year old experience universal. But, like any good bildungsroman plot will prove, there are certain elements that surface like guideposts on the path to what ultimately should look like stable maturity: landing a steady job, maintaining a reasonable level of health, investing in hobbies, and, of course, finding that fabled special someone.

I, on the other hand, have finally landed that dream (entry-level) job that in theory should lead me down the path of renown and professional success with a little grit and a lot of luck. I finished running my first 5km in over a decade just this past April 2019 and practice calorie counting like its an olympic sport (wine excluded). My hobbies include avoiding responsibilities like cleaning my room while sitting in a pile of laundry watching Game of Thrones (yes, in) and attending probably an excessive amount of concerts (see Candidly Concerting). And finally, I can’t seem to find that perfect balance of finding romantic confidence off apps like Tinder and Bumble while simultaneously ignoring texts from my ex.

All in all, you could say it’s a certifiable fustercluck.

But isn’t that what your mid-twenties are all about?

That’s why I am making this blog. I want to record and interact with this year in a way that is authentic and gritty, evocative and damn real. Because I know that my experiences are not unique, albeit not universal.

So hop in, buckle up, and put some tunes on the aux cord. I’ll let you pick, passenger’s treat, because some things have to remain sacred.

Rose Walker Friel is not close to the person her classmates expected her to be in 2019 when they voted her “Most Likely To Be Successful” out of her St. Mary’s High School graduating class of 2012. She went on to attend Villanova University (2016) and London College of Communication (2019), and currently resides in New York City with one roommate who she apologizes to for singing in the shower all the time.